WWD Inc. Retail Store

Our pump and supply store is conveniently located in Sardinia, New York. We carry everything you need for water well needs.

We stock pumping system components from the well to your home; along with water conditioning and offering a variety of pumps. We carry are sump pumps, hand pumps, deep and shallow well jet pumps, submersible pumps and constant pressure pumps that allows you to have city like water pressure at all times with no drop in pressure. This system has become very popular in larger homes and in geothermal systems, which are used to heat and cool homes.

By viewing our working displays, we can guide you through installing and setting up your system yourself or we can install it for you. We carry nothing but quality products and you can rest assured that you are getting the best product.

A large assortment of pumps are available at our store including submersible, deep and shallow well jet pumps, hand pumps, sump pumps, special use pumps, constant pressure, and more. We specialize in the full product line of Goulds and Grundfos.

Our staff attends annual training to provide you with the best possible service. We are able to size a system and design it specifically for your needs.

Our inventory includes pumps from 1/3hp to 5hp. This range of pumps will meet the needs of residential, agricultural, and even commercial.

We also have 1/2hp through 30hp pumps and water meters available for rental.

Our retail store stocks many varieties of waterline used in the industry today. These include but are not limited to polypipe (100 – 250psi), copper, pex, and cpvc. Most lines are available in 1/2″ to 2″ providing line for both interior and exterior plumbing. Other sizes can be ordered for same or next day delivery upon request.

Water Conditioning
As a custom assembler of water conditioning equipment, we are prepared to meet your needs. Our highly trained staff can assist you from taking the initial water sample to installing your system. Our company offers a wide variety of water pufication systems including but not limited to water softeners, in-line filters, uv lights, chlorination systems, open air systems and more.

Pressure Tanks
A large inventory of pressure tanks is available and ready to install at our store. We carry numerous makes and models from the stainless steel In-Well Tanks to direct burial, as well as the traditional pressure tanks. Whether you are designing a new system or looking to purchase a replacement tank, we can provide the right tank for your application.

Pump Test & Repair
Our experienced technicians have the capability to check your pumps electrical components as well as the pressure end. Upon completion of the test, we are able to quote and complete any necessary repairs.

At WWD Inc., we have a large supply of 1/2″ to 2″ brass threaded and insert fittings. As a well drilling supply store you will find virtually any fitting you may need associated with the water well or pump system installation. Our stock also includes pex, cpvc, pvc and copper fitting and lines.

Our inventory includes a large stock of wire. We carry several thousand feet of UF, Romex, and BX Wire as well as submersible pump cable from #8 through #14. By purchasing our wire in bulk, we are able to offer per foot prices allowing the customers to purchase their desired amount.

Bulk Purchasing

Many of the items in our store such as wire and waterline can be purchased in bulk. Rather than having to purchase 50 feet when you only need 10 feet, you buy only what you need. These items can be purchased by the unit or by the foot. We have a large inventory to meet your needs.

Water Well Accessories
We have many hard to find and new items for the water well industry. From decorative utility covers such as Dekorra Rocks to miscellaneous fittings down the well and at point of use. A full inventory of in-line filters is always available as well as installation service available for any of our products.

Our displays include the many options available for weekend or seasonal homes such as numerous types of drain systems, frost-free hydrants, hand pumps, and many more exciting products. Other systems on display include constant pressure, water conditioning, and more.

Personalized Estimates
Our company will provide you with an estimate personally tailored for your project, whether it is for a new water system, well rehabilitation, or even a repair or service. We are available to meet with you at our office or on your site. We will design a system to meet your specific needs and work around your schedule to get the job done promptly.